Construction Accessories

Bautex provides a range of installation products that are designed to simplify the installation of the Bautex Wall System. These include wall anchors, foam adhesive, and construction accessories. The Bautex Construction Support Team can help you generate a complete construction materials estimate from your architectural drawings to help with project planning and budgeting.

Bautex Accessory Products

Bautex Wall Anchor [BWA 22-10]

The Bautex Wall Anchor BWA 22-10 is a rigid ABS plastic attachment anchor for use with the 10-inch Bautex Wall System to attach light- to medium-load construction assemblies, including furring systems, framing systems and interior and exterior wall finish systems.

Bautex Wall Anchor Data Sheet


Foam2Foam® Adhesive [BFA 24]

Foam2Foam Adhesive is quick-curing polyurethane foam that is minimally expanding and offers excellent adhesion to most construction materials, including the Bautex Block. In the Bautex Wall System, Foam2Foam is used for temporarily gluing blocks in place prior to concrete pour. It also seals and insulates any joints, voids, or cavities that are created during construction. Foam2Foam is applied with a gun dispenser.

BFA-24 Foam2Foam Adhesive can be purchased in cases of twelve 24 oz. (681g) aerosol cans.


Foam Gun Dispenser [BGD 01]

The Foam Gun Dispenser is reusable and features an all-metal needle valve, tapered brass tip and universal can adapter for use with cans of Foam2Foam adhesive.

BGD-01 Foam Gun Dispensers are sold individually.


Foam2Foam® Gun Cleaner [BGC 12]

Foam2Foam Gun Cleaner makes cleaning and maintaining the BGD-01 Foam Gun Dispenser simple and efficient. Used to clean the gun adapter and nozzle between cans of Foam2Foam adhesive and at the end of the day.

BGC-12 Foam2Foam Gun Cleaner can be purchased in cases of twelve 12 oz. (340g) aerosol cans.



* Foam2Foam is a registered trademark of Wind-lock® Corporation Leesport, PA.