Air and Moisture Barriers

Bautex Air and Moisture Barriers provide a tight and extremely energy-efficient building envelope that will meet and even exceed the requirements of most commercial and residential construction projects. They can be easily applied and provide long-lasting energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Bautex AMB 20 Air and Moisture Barrier

Critical to the long-term performance of any commercial wall system is the effective prevention of air and moisture infiltration to the interior of the structure. Air tightness of a building is a critical factor in overall energy efficiency, and resistance to moisture penetration prevents interior damage and the growth of mold and mildew, which can significantly degrade indoor environmental quality.

The Bautex AMB 20 product line is applied as a single-component system sprayed directly to the exterior wall substrate in a single 40-45 mil wet coat. Bautex AMB 20 can be applied quickly and efficiently to Bautex Block, concrete, concrete block (CMU) or exterior sheathing materials using a standard airless spray system.

Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier AMB 20 can be purchased in 5-gallon (18.9 liters) pails and 55-gallon (208.2 liters) drums. AMB 20 is applied at approximately 30-40 square feet of wall per gallon of material.


Bautex Air & Moisture Barrier Specifications:

Specifications AMB 20-WN
Non Permeable
Summary Water-based
Rubberized Polymer Elastomeric
Rubberized Polymer Elastomeric
Air Barrier Yes Yes
Vapor Barrier Non-permeable Permeable
Application Temp Minimum 35°F Minimum 35°F
Color Dark Gray Dark Gray
UV Resistance 12 Months 12 Months
Application Method Spray/Roll/Brush Spray/Roll/Brush
Air Permeance
(ASTM E 2178)
0.00097 CFM/ft²
0.00492 L/s/m²
0.0008 CFM/ft²
0.0038 L/s/m²
Air Leakage
(ASTM E 2357)
0.0013 CFM/ft²
0.0060 L/s/m²
0.0022 CFM/ft²
0.0110 L/s/m²
Vapor Permeance
(ASTM E 96)
6.699 Ng/(Pa•s•m²)
0.117 Perms
986 Ng/(Pa•s•m²)
17.26 Perms
Water Resistance
(AATCC 127)
Pass Pass
Pull-Off Strength
(ASTM D 4541)
1,132 kPa
164.2 psi
970 kPa
140.7 psi
(ASTM D 1970)
Pass Pass

* Full test reports available in Resources Section of this web site