Bautex Block Engineered Wall System

As a convenience to project design teams, Bautex offers an engineered wall solution for the construction of commercial and residential buildings using the Bautex Block insulated concrete wall system. Consulting engineers will provide structural engineering drawings for the conventionally reinforced Bautex Block walls specified in the project.

Summary of Engineering Services

Following is an outline of the scope of engineering services provided:

  • Structural designs for the portions of the project that include Bautex Block walls, including interior, exterior, load-bearing and non load-bearing walls.
  • Details for connection of the walls to the roof framing and intermediate floor framing.
  • Lintel and beam locations and details, if needed.
  • Design does NOT include any structural steel, wood members, the foundation, or any other member except the Bautex Block walls.
  • The Bautex Block walls must be continuously supported at the base.
  • Final wall system plans and details ready for permitting and construction will be in PDF format.
  • Engineering design will be per the applicable building code for the project.
  • Field observations by an engineer are available at an additional cost.

Engineering Fees

Engineering fees are quoted and invoiced to the installing contractor providing the installation of the Bautex Block walls, or to the general contractor for the project. Final constuction plans are provided to the project once a sales order has been accepted by the installing contractor or the general contractor.

For more information about the Bautex Engineered Wall System Solution, please contact sales by email at or by phone at (855) 922-8839.